This content is purely educational and contains nudity.

How to Tuck with Tape

By Sienna

You need Tape, three strips, approx this length.

Push ya nuts back up where they came from, there are canals where my finger points.

Holding the nuts in place, wrap the sack around the shaft and secure it all around with big tape. This should prevent the nuts from falling back down.

Like this.

Take another long strip, lay along the shaft.

Use the final strip to anchor the long one, and tie the sack to the shaft.

Squat down and pull the long strip between your legs, taping your dick to your ass. Lay it to the SIDE, Else it will be hard to fart. Notice this leaves the tip of the shaft bare, so if you need to pee, just take it away from the asscheek, do your stuff, and put it back.

Presto, flat.