About Us


What Is Unicornia?

The Unicornia is an online community that exists on many platforms but it has originated from a discord server and it is most active on discord. We started under the name “SissyEver” and were more focused on BDSM & “sissfication” kinks but we realized that our community was growing a lot and we had a really good setup for a great community, so, we decided to change our name to “Unicornia” and open our community to the broader LGBTQ+ community with a little bit of BDSM flavor still in it. We try our best to improve our member’s privacy, ease of access and reach. We have strict policies against sharing personal information on our platforms and we always try to provide the best experience to our members. Our platforms are heavily moderated to provide the safest possible environment for our members.

Each day we grow and we evolve, we always try to better ourselves and try our best to be the greatest and friendliest LGBTQ+ community on the internet!