Plugin List & Guides

Plugin List:

  • Advanced Achievements – You can see the achievements list in the in-game F menu or by typing /aach list
  • AdvancedRegionMarket – Allow buying/renting plots and much more. /arm gui
  • Advanced Enchantments – This provides non-vanilla enchantments that can do much more. The main command is /ae
  • BeastWithDraw – This allows players and admins to bottle XP. To bottle your XP type /xpbottle <xp-amount(or all)>
  • BetterShulkerBoxes – This allows you to open shulker boxes without placing them. You can right-click them on your inventory to open.
  • BetterSleeping – Sleep manager.
  • BettingGames – Gambling plugin uses only GUI.
  • ChatManager
  • ChestSort
    Commands & Info
  • Citizens – NPC plugin.
  • ClearLag – Clears floor items and other entities in an interval.
  • CMI – Does almost everything D:
  • CoreProtect – Allows staff to detect griefers and rollback griefed things.
  • AngelChestPlus – Puts player items in a chest when they die & GUI interface.
    Commands & Info
  • Dynmap – Real-time Minecraft map. Can be accessed from
  • DailyBonus – Manages daily rewards and stuff.
  • DiscordSRV – Discord – Minecraft bridge.
  • Disenchantments – Allows players to disenchant vanilla enchanments.
  • DualWield – Allows dual wielding of multiaple items like pickaxe & sword.
  • FarmControl – Optimizes player farms.
  • FastAsyncWorldEdit
  • FluffyMachines – SlimeFun addons that extends on slimefun.
    Some info
  • GoldenCrates
  • GriefPrevention – Claim and protection plugin.
  • HeadDatabase
  • HolographicDisplays
  • KillerMoney – Mobs drop money when they die.
  • LimitPillagers – Limits pillagers.
  • LuckPerms
  • McMMO – MMO plugin. A guide for it can be found here.
    Official Wiki
  • MultiVerse – Multiple worlds in a single server.
  • MyPet – Pet plugin. A guide for it can be found here.
  • PlaceholderAPI
  • PlayerVaultsX – Player extra inventory.
  • Quests
  • QuickShop – Player shop plugin
    Commands & Info
  • ShopGUIPlus – Server Shop
  • SlimeFun4 – This plugin adds new technical gadgets, machines, magic items, and more. A full future list and guide to how to get them can be found here.
  • Selection Visualizer
  • ShopKeepers – Allows custom villager like traders.
  • SimpleMaterialGenerators – (SMG for short) is a Slimefun4 addon that helps aliviate some of the grind by providing simple generators that create simple materials.
    Some Info
  • SilkSpawners – Allows the placements and breaking of spawners.
  • TAB – TAB & Scoreboard plugin.
  • TimeIsMoney – Gives money to online players on an interval.
  • UltimateTimber – Adds animation to the tree falling.
  • VeinMiner
  • Vouchers
  • ViaVersion & ViaBackwards – Allows players from older and newer versions to join.
  • BetterRTP – Allows for random teleportation in survival. /rtp
  • WorldBorder
  • WorldGuard – Regions and protection.

These are not all the plugins we use but for security reasons, these are the only ones we are going to publicly disclose.

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