How to get a pet #

Step 1 – Find the mob you want #

Find a mob that is tameable is the easiest step. All mobtypes are tamable except Shulkers because they can’t move.

Step 2 – Meeting the Requirements #

This can be the hardest part but how hard it really will depends on the configuration of the Server. Every pet-Type has a setting called LeashFlags that sets the requirements needed for the pet-Type to become a pet.

Step 3 – Taking mob on a lead #

When Step 1 & 2 are done you just have to hit (attack) your target with the LeashItem (Lead by default). After hitting your target it will convert from a normal mob into a pet and you will see a message like this:

You took a pet on a lead, it will be a good pet.

Using the Lead as a weapon is required to perform the actual act of taming. Putting the mob on the lead/rope will do nothing towards taming your new pet.

Hunger-System #

With the Hunger-System is based on saturation. The saturation is a value between 1 and 100, where 100 is the best and 1 is the worst. After a period of time (can be set with the MyPet.HungerSystem.Time setting) the saturation decreases and affects other stats of your pet.

Hitpoints on respawn #

When a pet respawns it won’t have full hitpoints when the Saturation is below 90. This table shows how much the saturation affects the hitpoints on respawn:

Hunger-PointsHitpoints on respawn
100-91full Hitpoints
90-8190% of max. Hitpoints
80-7180% of max. Hitpoints
70-6170% of max. Hitpoints
60-5160% of max. Hitpoints
50-4150% of max. Hitpoints
40-3140% of max. Hitpoints
30-2130% of max. Hitpoints
20-1120% of max. Hitpoints
10-210% of max. Hitpoints
11 Hitpoint

Skills Affected By Hunger #

Beacon #

The lower the saturation the less is the range of the beacon effect.

Ride #

The lower the saturation the slower your pet will run when you ride it.

How can I equip my Zombie/Skeleton/PigZombie? #

Just right-click your pet with the item you want them to wear while sneaking. To remove the equipment just right-click your pet with shears while sneaking. $ Weapons/Armor are only visually and have no effect on the pet $

This applies to Horses, Donkeys, Enderman and Iron-Golems. The same method is used to handle equipping/unequipping any pet with an item.

How can I control my pet while riding it? #

Riding a pet is like riding a horse with a saddle.

How can I fly my pet? #

  1. The pet need the ride skill
  2. The fly flag must be enabled by the skilltree
  3. Mount your pet
  4. Press space

Can I make my Pet Sit/Stay? #

Yes, you can make your pet stay by Shift + Right Click All pets can be told to Stay, not just the standard tame-able mobs such as Cats and Wolves.

Why can’t the pets attack anything? #

Your pet does not have Damage or Range skill choose a skill tree with one of those in.

Commands #

Legend #

  • Chatcommands
    • <option> -> required!
    • [option] -> optionalMost commands have aliases like /pi. Use them instead the long version.

You can also go through the command options by using the auto completion with the[TAB]-key.

MyPet Commands #

/mypet #

  • shows all available MyPet commands.

/petinfo #

  • Syntax: /petinfo [username]
  • shows the following info about your or another player’s pet.
    • hit-points
    • hunger
    • food items
    • behavior
    • experience
    • level
    • owner (only when pets isn’t yours)
    • skilltree
  • alias:
    • /pinfo

/petname #

  • Syntax:
    • /petname <new-pet-name>
  • sets the name of your pet.
  • owners can use colors to make the name of their pets more colorful with this placeholder:
    • <black>, <darkaqua>, <darkblue>, <darkgreen>, <darkred>, <darkpurple>, <gold>, <gray>, <darkgray>, <blue>, <green>, <aqua>, <red>, <lightpurple>, <yellow>, <white>, <magic>, <bold>, <strikethrough>, <underline>, <italic>, <reset>

/petrelease #

  • Syntax: /petrelease [pet-name]
  • release your pet so you don’t have a pet anymore

/petcall #

  • teleports your pet to you.
  • alias:
    • /pc
    • /petc

/petsendaway #

  • sends your pet away.
  • it can be still called by using the /petcall command
  • alias:
    • /psa
    • /petsa

/petrespawn #

  • Syntax: /petrespawn [payorshoworauto]
  • shows the following info about your or another player’s pet.
    • auto with an addition parameter (Integer) determines what the maximum time is the player want to pay for
    • Example: A player used /petrespawn auto 10 and the pet dies and has a respawn time of 16 seconds. Now the plugin will wait until the respawn time is 10 seconds and then respawn the pet when the owner can pay the respawn fee.
  • alias:
    • /petr
    • /pr

/petswitch #

  • allows you to switch between pets.
  • alias:
    • /pswitch

/petstore #

  • allows you to store your active pet
  • stored pets can be retrieved by the /petswitch command
  • alias:
    • /pstore
    • /pst

/pettrade #

  • Syntax: /pettrade [acceptorrejectorcancelora <player name>] <price>
  • offers your current pet to another player.
    • <price> can be any economy price
  • alias:
    • /pett
    • /pt

/petshop #

  • Syntax: /petshop [shopname]
  • opens a GUI that shows the available pet shops
  • alias:
    • /petsh
    • /psh

/petskill #

  • Syntax: /petskill [playername]
  • shows info about the skills of your pet.

/petstop #

  • orders your pet to stop attacking his target
  • useless in farm and aggressive behavior modes
  • alias:
    • /ps
    • /pets

/petchooseskilltree #

  • shows all available skilltrees and lets you selects a skilltree for your pet
  • alias:
    • /pcst
    • /petcst

/petcapturehelper #

  • enables/disables the CaptureHelper
  • Displays requirements to capturing a mob as a MyPet and whether or not these requirements are met
  • alias:
    • /pch

/petoptions #

  • Syntax: /petoptions <option> [parameters...]
  • options:
    • healthbar
      • toggles actionbar healthbar on/off
    • idle-volume
      • set the volume of the idle sound pets make
      • parameters:
        • <percent>

Skill Commands #

/petinventory #

  • Syntax: /petinventory [playername]
  • opens the inventory of your pet
  • opening the inventory of another player requires the MyPet.admin permission
  • alias:
    • /pi
    • /peti

/petpickup #

  • toggles pickup of your pet on/off
  • $ requires Inventory with at least one row of slots $
  • alias:
    • /pp
    • /petp

/petbehavior #

  • Syntax: /petbehavior [mode]
  • toggles the behavior your pet
  • modes:
    • friendly -> the pet will not fight even when it’s attacked by anything
      • friend
    • normal -> the pet will act like a normal wolf
    • aggressive -> attacks automatically everything within 15 blocks of the owner
      • aggro
    • farm -> attacks automatically every Monster within 15 blocks of the owner
    • raid -> like normal but the pet will not attack players and their minions (wolves, ocelot, pets)
    • duel -> pets will attack other pets with active duel behavior within a 5 block radius
  • alias:
    • /pb
    • /petb

/petbeacon #

  • opens the beacon window of your pet
  • alias:
    • /pbeacon
    • /petbeacon

Skills #

Backpack #

This skill adds a Backpack to your pet. It can be opened by using the /petinventory command. Items in this inventory will not be dropped when the pet dies unless it’s enabled in the skilltree skill settings.

Items picked up by your pet will be added to this inventory. Line added by skill upgrade will add 9 extra slots (up to 54 slots).


Beacon #

The Beacon skill transforms your pet in a walking and more powerfull beacon. For administration of the buffs the plugin uses a custom menu (see Beacon Buff Selection Menu) that can be opened with the /petbeacon command. By default this skill consumes food when it is active, that means the Saturation-Value decreases continuously while the skill is active.

Beacon Buff Selection Menu

  • 1 selectable buffs
  • 2 target selection (owner, party, everyone)
  • 3 remaining selectable buffs
  • 4 confirm/cancel selection
  • 5 power on/off


Behavior #

With this skill you can change the behavior of the pet. There are 5 possible behavior-modes:

  • friendly -> don’t fight, even he’s attacked by anything
    • friend
  • normal -> like a normal wolf
  • aggressive -> attacks everythink within 15 blocks of the owner
    • aggro
  • farm -> attacks every Monster within 15 blocks of the owner
  • raid -> like normal but the pet doesn’t attack players and their minions
  • duel -> pets will attack other pets with aktive duel behavior within a 5 block radius

To toggle the mode type /petbehavior [normal/friendly/aggressive/farm/raid/duel].


Control #

With this skill you have more control about where you pet walk and what the pet attacks. To use this you have to rightclick with the Control item anywhere you want the pet has to walk to. The item that is used to control the pet can be set in the config (Skill.Control.Item)


Damage #

This skill increases the damage the pet can do. 1 Damage = Half Heart damage

Fire #

With this skill your pet has a chance to set his target on fire for some seconds. The chance and the duration can be set via the skilltree skill settings


Heal #

With this skill your pet heals skill itself every few seconds.

Knockback #

With this skill your pet has a chance to knockback when attacking a target.


Life #

This skill will increase the max hitpoints the pet can have.1 HP = Half Heart

Lightning #

With this skill your pet has a chance to let a lightning strike at his target.


Pickup #

With this skill your pet can pickup items (and XP) like a player that lie on the ground. The items are added to the backpack of the pet. This skill can not be activated when the pet doesn’t has the Backpack skill with at least 1 row.

Pickup can be enabled/disabled by using /petpickup command.


Poison #

With this skill your pet has a chance to poison his target for a certain time.


Ranged #

With this skill your pet will shot projectiles at their targets that cause damage to them.

Projectiles #

  • arrow
  • egg
  • Wither skull
  • snowball
  • small fireball
  • large fireball

All projectiles deal the same amount of damage that is set by the skill. The only difference is the trajectory of some projectiles.


Ride #

With this skill you can ride your pet. To mount your pet rightclick your pet with lead. The controls while riding your pet is like you would ride a horse.

Flying #

You can also fly with your pet when it’s enabled by your skilltree.


Shield #

With this skill your pet can shield (some) damage from you and redirect it to itself.


Slow #

With this skill your pet has a chance to slow his target down for a some seconds.


Sprint #

With this skill your pet starts sprinting the first time it starts to follow a new target.

Stomp #

With this skill your pet has a chance to stomp on the ground and damage all enemies around the pet.


Thorns #

With this skill your pet has a chance to reflect the half of the incoming damage back to the damager.


Wither #

With this skill your pet has a chance to wither his target for a some seconds.


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