Commands List

If an option is inside of “<>” it means it is required. If it is inside of “[]” it means it is optional.

/rules/rulesShows rules.
/vote/voteOpens vote menu.
/aach/aachShows Advanced Achievements commands.You can click & hover over commands./aa
/msg/msg <player_name><message text>Sends a message to a player./pm , /whisper , /tell
/ae/aeOpens Advanced Enchantments Menu.
/tinkerer/tinkererOpens AE’s tinkerer menu.
/enchanter/enchanterOpens AE’s enchanter menu.
/balance/balance [player]Shows your balance./money , /bal
/pay/pay <player> <amount>Sends money to another player.
/afk/afkMarks you as AFK./away
/list/listShows all online players./online , /who , /playerlist
/mail/mail [read|clear|send [player] [message]]Manage your mails.These can be send when other players are offline./email , /memo
/near/near [radius]Shows players that are close to you./nearby
/nick/nick [nickname]Change your nickname.This is server specific./nickname
/realname/realname <player>Shows the player’s minecraft name.
/r/r <message>Quickly reply to the last player to message you./reply
/suicide/suicideKills you.
/spawn/spawnGo to spawn world./mvtp spawn
/survival/survivalGo to survival world’s spawn./mvtp survival
/creative/creativeGo to creative world./mvtp creative
/back/backGo to your last location. This can TP to your death location after you die.Costs 800$.
/sethome/sethome [home_name]Sets your current location as your home.You can give your homes names./createhome
/home/home [home_name]Teleport to your home./homes
/rmhome/rmhome [home_name]Removes your home./delhome , /remhome
/tpa/tpa <player>Request to teleport to the specified player./tpask
/tpaccept/tpaccept [player]Accepts a teleport request./tpyes
/tpdeny/tpdeny [player]Reject a teleport request./tpno
/tpacancel/tpacancel [player]Cancel all outstanding teleport requests.Specify [player] to cancel requests with them.
/warp/warp [location]Warp to desired location.
/warps/warpsOpens warps menu.
/msgtoggle/msgtoggle [player] [on|of]Blocks receiving all private messages.
/abandonclaim/abandonclaimAbandons your claim on the claim you are standing on.
/claimexplosions/claimexplosionsToggles if explosions are allowed in the claim.
/trust/trust <player>Gives another player permission to edit in your claim./t
/untrust/untrust <player>Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim./ut
/accessTrust/accesstrust <player>Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds./at
/containerTrust/containertrust <player>Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals./ct
/trustlist/trustlistLists the permissions for the claim you’re standing in.
/subDivideClaims/subdivideclaimsSwitches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can subdivide your claims./sc
/RestrictSubClaim/restrictsubclaimRestricts a subclaim, so that it inherits no permissions from the parent claim./rsc
/BasicClaims/basicclaimsPuts your shovel back in basic claims mode./bc
/permissionTrust/permissiontrust <player>Grants a player permission to share his permission level with others./pt
/untrust All/untrust AllRemoves all permissions for all players in your claim.
/AbandonAllClaims/abandonallclaimsDeletes all of your claims.
/buyClaimBlocks/buyclaimblocks <amount>Buys claim blocks./buyclaim
/sellClaimBlocks/sellclaimblocks <amount>Sell claim blocks for $./sellclaim
/claimslist/claimslistLists your claims.
/trapped/trappedGets a player out of a land claim they are trapped inside.
/mcmmo/mcmmoShows avaliable commands.
/mcstats/mcstatsShows your mcMMO stas and XP.
/mctop/mctop [skillname][pagenumber]Shows the top ten (or later, with page number) players in overall power or in the named skill and their power or skill level in that skill.
/mcrank/mcrank [player]Shows how high the player is ranked in each skill. 
/mcability/mcabilityToggles whether or not abilities get readied on right click.
/ptp/ptp <player>Allows you to teleport to your party member.
/shop/shopOpens shop GUI.
/quests/questsShows plugin help.
/quest/questShows the current objective of active quest.
/jobs/jobsShows jobs help.
/mainmenu/mainmenuOpens the F menu.
/xpbottle/xpbottle <amount>Bottles your XP.
/credits/creditsShows your McMMO credits.
/redeem/redeemOpens GUI for you to redeem your McMMO credits.
/withdraw/withdraw <amount>Allows you to turn your money into an usable item.
/dailykey/dailykeyGives you, your daily key.
/vipclaim/vipclaimClaims your rewards if you are VIP.This is a one time command.
/vipdaily/vipdailyClaims your daily VIP rewards.
/vipweekly/vipweeklyClaims your weekly VIP rewards.
/trade/trade <player|deny|accept>Trading commands./elitemobs
/ah/ahOpens Auction House
/shareitem/shareitemLinks an item in chat so other players may see its stats.
/disenchant/disenchant <enchantment>Removes the specified enchantment from the item and gives it back to you as an enchanted book.
/bs/bsShows help for BetterSleeping./bs [buffs|status]
/angelchest/angelchestOpens AngelChest/Death Chest GUI menu.
/mvhelp/mvhelpShows help for MultiVerse.
/dynmap/dynmap [show|hide]You can show or hide yourself from the map with this.
/mvlist/mvlistLists worlds.
/mvtp/mvtp <world_name>Teleports you to a world.
/sf/sf [guide|help|open_guide|search]Slimefun commands.
/ut toggle/ut toggleDisable/Enable animated tree chopping.
/vm toggle/vm toggle [category]Toggle vein miner on or off for all (or specific) categories./veinminer toggle
/vm mode/vm mode <mode> Set the mode that VeinMiner should use to activate for you (the player). Can be either “sneak”, “stand” or “always”./veinminer mode
/wild/wildTeleports you to a random location./rtp
/ca/caOpens auctions menu./crazyauctions , /ah
/ca sell/ca sell <price> [amount]Add the item currently in your hand to the selling section of the auction house.
/ca bid/ca bid <price> [amount]Add the item currently in your hand to the bidding section of the auction house.

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