Discord Markdown Guide

Bold Text #

This is done with two asterisks (**) on both sides of the text selected.
For example: **The apple is sweet**.

This would make the text appear as:

bold text display

Italicized Text #

This is done with one asterisk (*) or underscore (_) on both sides of the text selected. For example: *The apple is sweet* or _The apple is sweet_.

italicized text typing 1

This would make the text appear as:

italicized text display

Strike-through Text #

This is done with two tildes (~~) on both sides of the text selected. For example: ~~The apple is sweet~~.

This would make the text appear as:

strike through text display

Inline Code Blocks #

Using one backtick (`) you can create an inline code block. They don’t take up a line on their own compared to Code Blocks themselves. You can’t style them though unlike full Code Blocks.

This would make the text appear as:

inline codeblock display

Spoilers #

You can create a spoiler by surrounding your message with two vertical bars (||) if you want to hide sensitive information. People can reveal spoilers by tapping or clicking on them. You can rehide spoilers in a channel by re-entering the channel. In addition to hiding text, the spoiler tag will also cover up any media sent until the recipient chooses to reveal it.
You can also combine spoilers with another markdown formatting.

This is what an unrevealed spoiler looks like in chat:

It can be revealed by clicking or tapping on the spoiler. This is what a revealed spoiler looks like in chat:

You can adjust the settings for showing spoilers in User Settings -> Text & Images. The On servers I moderate option will display spoiler content only on servers in which you have the Manage Messages permission.

Quote and Quoteblocks #

You can create a quote by starting your message with a “Greater than” character (>) followed by a space.
This will make the line have a small grey bar on the left and the text being indent, similar to how an embed looks.

Any new line with text that doesn’t start with a > will be displayed normally.
To change this, either start every new line with a > and space or start the first line with three > (>>>) and a space to have the complete text after it as a quote.

Single quote (Only indents the line starting with >)

Would make the text appear like this:

Starting the line with three > however…

…will make the entire text after it a quote:

Code Blocks #

This is how you make basic multi-line code blocks:

Syntax Highlighting #

If you really want to spruce up your code blocks, you can denote a specific language for syntax highlighting, by typing the name of the language you want the code block to expect right after the first three backticks beginning your code block. An example:

There are many different languages in place of Markdown that Discord’s syntax highlighting support. Each different language has its own approach to highlight-able syntax. For a full list: https://highlightjs.org/static/demo/. Note that you won’t be able to view syntax highlighting on the mobile app.

asciidoc #

autohotkey #

bash #

coffeescript #

cpp (C++) #

cs #

css #

diff #

fix #

glsl #

ini #

json #

md #

ml #

prolog #

py #

tex #

xl #

xml #

yaml #

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