Hello, this guide is for making your Minecraft run and look better and it is aimed at new players so if you are a Minecraft veteran it is unlikely you will find too much use for this guide but if you want, read on and you might learn a couple of things maybe!


Launchers are pretty important for better performance on Minecraft so will give you a couple of options, use whichever suits you better.

Official Mojang Launcher

The official launcher you get from https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/download is pretty decent and has come a long way since its release. That said there are a couple of problems with this launcher, first, you can not launch multiple instances of Minecraft, second, you can not choose your Java version inside of the launcher, third and lastly Mojang will collect data from you. If these things are not a bother for you, you could use this launcher easily.

When you first log in to the launcher you will most likely see an error and no options for play, this is normal just re-launch the application and it will be fixed. After that you want to run the version of Minecraft you want to play on, this is important as Optifine, Forge, or Fabric will not install without you having run the game once.

GD Launcher

This is an open-source launcher with a great many features. This is the one I would highly recommend to everyone. You can get it from here. This launcher will set up Java automatically for you if you choose the option (which you should), and it will also automatically adjust java flags based on your system.

After you log in to the launcher, click on the little plus icon on the left bottom and select either Forge or Fabric from the drop-down menu with the version you want. You can have more than one instance so don’t worry about choosing the wrong version or anything.

Other Launchers

I know there are many other launcher options, the one I see most often used is BadLion client which is very good but it is a properity software so I do not use it nor will ever recommend it but if you wish to use it, feel free to do so.

Mods & Addons

Fabric Based

I highly recommend Fabric over Forge for everything, as Forge in its current state is not a very good project. Though obviously there are downsides of Fabric as well so feel free to choose whichever you want to use.

Starting out, if you are using GD Launcher you can simply create a new instance with Fabric from the menu. If you are using the official launcher you can get the Fabric from here.

To open your mod folder, on the official launcher go to installations and click on the folder icon next to any of the installs. If you are using GD Launcher, right-click on the instance and click on the open folder.

Performance mods:

  • Sodium – This mod replaces the default rendering engine on Minecraft and improves performance significantly especially on lower-end machines.
  • Phosphor – Makes improvements to the default lighting engine and improves chunk loading times.
  • Dynamic FPS – Limits Minecraft’s FPS when in the background, can help with lower-end machines.
  • (Optional) Lithium – This mod will not work on online servers but if you are playing single player this makes a really big difference for performance.

Minimap mods:

You have two options for it, Xaero’s Minimap or Voxel Map. Just choose whichever seems better to you.

Other recommended mods:

  • Craft Presence – Adds a much better in-game presence for Discord.
  • Ok Zoomer – Adds a customizable zoom option to the game.
  • Illuminations – Adds fireflies and various glow-in-the-dark ambient particles.

Shaders on Fabric:

Normally you can not install optifine on Fabric and without optifine you can use shaders but you can use OptiFabric mod for this and have optifine on Fabric. That said I really do not recommend doing this as it will tank your performance really hard, if you want to use shaders I highly recommend using Forge or Vanilla+Optifine. You also can not use the Sodium mod with OptiFabric.

Forge Based

Again if you are using GD Launcher simply make a new instance for Forge. If you are on the official launcher you can get the Forge loader from here.

After you install it you will also need Optifine which you can get from here. (Simple trick, click on the mirror instead of download and you will not see any ads 😉

You need to extract Optifine as a mod and put the jar into your Forge mods folder.

For performance, I can only recommend one mod and that is Better FPS.

For Minimap you can use Xaero’s Minimap. There is also JourneyMap but I have never used it so I do not how good it is or if even it works.

I don’t have any other recommendations for Forge as I no longer use it but there are many quality of life mods on CurseForge so feel free to check them out yourself if you wish.

Resource Packs

I generally like packs there are closer to vanilla look, if you fall into that category as well, I highly recommend Faithful or Clarity.

If you want something more cartoony you should check out SapixCraft.

To install a resource pack, select the resource packs option on the Minecraft menu and click the open folder. Then simply drag & drop the zip file you downloaded to the folder.

What resource pack you use completely depends on your personal taste so, check all of them out and see which one(s) you like!


Again just like resource packs shaders depend on your personal taste and also depend on how good is your PC.

I use Make Up as it is very fast and looks very good. Though feel free to check out all of the shaders.

Giving Minecraft RAM

If you are using the official launcher, you will have to your installations, click on the dots icon, and click edit. After that, you will see a type box that says JVM Arguments, -Xmx declares the maximum amount of RAM java can use, and -Xms declares the least amount. By default vanilla launcher only adds the Xmx you will have to add the Xms yourself. The amount of RAM you want to give to java depends on how much RAM you have on your computer and also if you want to multitask while playing or not. Generally speaking, giving half of your RAM is ideal though if you want to multitask you may want to give a little less than half.

For my use case, I have 16GB of RAM on my system and I give 6GB to Java, this lets me multitask without having any performance problems at all. Again the amount will depend on your specific use case, try different values and see which works the best for you.

To set the amount type -Xms?GB -Xmx?GB in the JVM Arguments delete the default Xmx or adjust it. For example, mine looks like this: -Xms6GB -Xmx6GB . DO NOT give less amount of RAM to your game than the max, so if you set the max to 4GB set the lowest to 4GB as well. The amount you put in the max will already be reserved for Java meaning other things on your system can not access that memory either way so give it both the same value.

If you are on GD Launcher, right-click on the instance, click manage, click on Override Java Memory and you can simply adjust via the slider.