Player Shops

Buy land and build your own shop on it to other players items.

What are Player Shops and why should I care?

Player shops are places where players can trade items with other players for server money.

There is also a server shop (/shop) with infinite stock but prices on the server shop are high and not all items are available this is by design, to encourage the usage of player shops.

Buying a Plot

  • First, go to Player Shops region with /warp PlayerShops
  • Find the plot you wish to rent
  • Right-click on the sign
  • And if you have enough money you will own the plot!

The first time you click the sign you rent the plot for 14 days for the price on the sign, you can extend this up to 120 days, by either clicking the sign again or using ARM GUI.

To use ARM GUI; either type /arm gui or you can access it from the F menu.

You own the plot from built height to bedrock so feel free to make any kind of builds.

If you do not extend your plot and the runs out your region will be gone and the things you built inside.

With the ARM GUI, you can change many aspects of your plot such as; adding members, teleporting to your plot, changing its flags like title bar, and more. You can own up to 3 plots at the same time.

If you are not active for 120 days you will lose your plot and it will be reset. The plot will also reset if you do not have the money on the due time.

Creating Shops

  • Place down a chest on your desired location
  • Get the item you want to sell/buy in your hand (If you have a stack of them shop will sell/buy the stack amount, so if you have a 16x Diamons in your hand shop will sell/buy 16x Diamonds)
  • Left click the shop (punch it)
  • Type the price you want to sell/buy in the chat
  • Done! If you are selling items you will have to open the chest and restock it.

You can use normal Chests, Ender Chests, or Trapped chests.
You can also use Double chests which can also be used for selling and buying the item at the same time!
There is no limit to how many shops you can create.

It does support custom items, meaning you can sell/buy Slimefun items custom enchants, and things like renamed items, etc.

You can change many settings of an existing shop by shift right-clicking, this also may open the sign editor but DO NOT change anything on the sign manually it will break your shop. The options menu will appear on your chat.

There is a 0.01% tax on sales.

Useful Commands

  • /qs buy
    Change the shop to buying items.
  • /qs sell
    Change the shop to selling items.
  • /qs price
    Change the buy/sell price of the item.
  • /qs find
    Find the nearest shop that sells items which start with the provided text. E.g. /qs find dia will find the nearest shop that buys/sells diamonds.
  • /qs create [item]
    Command to create the shop with item in hand or specified.
  • /qs size
    Change the bulk size.
  • /qs item
    Change the item of the shop.

/qs aliases(can be used instead of /qs or any command that start with it): /shop | /qshop | /quickshop | /cshop | /chestshop