Unicornia Community Minecraft Server

Server Features


With mcMMO you will have many skills that you level up the more you do them! Unlock powerful skills and more!


With the MyPet plugin, you are able to buy a pet and level them and make them do insane things such as; fight for you, carry items, or even carry beacon effects!


See the world and the players around it in real-time! The map shows the entire survival world with claims and towns.


With Jobs, you are able to earn both in-game money and points which you can later redeem for keys!

Custom Items & Enchantments

Many new powerful items with recipes and a custom look! Very powerful enchantments with many quality of life features.


SlimeFun4 is a plugin that adds many machines and a lot of magic-based items.

Player Shops

Build your own shop and get rich! Admin shop is also an option for those who want more of a solo experience.

Grief Prevention

Griefing is strictly not allowed in the server and we have many measures in place to prevent it but even if it happens we can repair the grief very easily.